Plumeria Linen Splash 32 Oz / 0.95 L

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Plumeria Linen Splash

Plumeria Linen Splash is a sweet ambrosial nectar to please the most discerning nose. Top notes of Plumeria Nuances with Sheer Woods, Musk.

Size: 32 Oz / 0.95 L

Make the most of Linen Splash/Spray by using them on:

Bed Linens Linen Splashes are useful on pillows and sheets to give a wonderful scent that doesn’t fade. The essential oils in the linen sprays can be used to create a calming feeling which can benefit one when they sleep.

Soft Furnishings Linen Splashes are also used for soft furnishings and carpets to freshen up the room. They are most effective for furnishings that cannot be removed for cleaning.

Clothing Linen Splashes are very helpful on clothes during ironing to give a lasting scent on them. Clothes that are also not dirty, but have been in a harsh smelling environment can be sprayed by a linen spray to lift the smell attached to them.

Air Freshener Linen Splashes can be used as an air freshener as well. It can be very effective when guests are coming, and in no time the house can be made to feel fresh with a spray.

Travel Linen Splashes can be used for travel as well. If the hotel room smells bad or if you’re missing your home, the scent of your favorite linen splash can bring back that home like feeling and can even give one better sleep. Moreover, hotels that are redolent with stale cigarette odors can have the smell masked with a spritz of linen splash.

 Made in USA

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32 Oz (0.95L), 16 Oz (500ml)


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